Acie Punk

Meet Acie Punk....

Name: Morning Star's Going the Distance ("Ace") - named Ace for my love of baseball/softball. A pitcher who "goes the distance" pitches all 9 innings and is your Ace.

Punky boy was born on February 13, 2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has two yellow sisters, a black sister and a yellow brother.

This boy is spicy, saucy, spunky, spirited and sweet all wrapped up in a package. His bark (ie, shriek) will vibrate your ear drums, but his love and excitement for life is undeniable. He is a boy lab through and through...full of boyish exuberance and puppiness. If he doesn't start stopping at the end of his contacts in his agility trials, he is going to the moon without a spaceship.

How does Chelsie feel about her little brother? She wishes he would get punted back to Michigan. :)

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