Chelsie Belle

Meet Chelsie Belle

MACH Chelsie Belle, that is. Chelsie Belle is my heart dog, who embodies all the qualities of a lab and puts them on display every day. I am her person, she wants to be where I am. She knows what she loves and loves what she knows. She loves her walks, her agility, her rope kong and her timbits. A former dumpster diving diva, her daily activites now include sink surfing to see if mom left anything good in the sink.

At the age of 7 1/2, my precious little girl tore her ACL and life as she knew it was turned upside down. The rules of her life changed dramatically, but loyal and trusting of her mom and gramma, she did everything we asked of her and took the new rules of life in stride. All her trust paid off and she is back to the game she loves the most...agility with her mom.

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