Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hangin' In

We are still attempting to settle into a routine over here, but so far, things are going well. Ace had his first puppy class tonight, Chelsie her first agility class since hurting herself. All went well. Wednesday's are going to be really long days - I have to leave work at 4 to get to Gahanna by 5 30. But its just for this session.

Little Ace man continues to grow. Mom was negiligent to the hurt he was inflicting on the big puppy's neck - his constant harassment resulted in 2 hot spots on Chelsie's neck. Poor thing had to go to the vet for the second time in 5 days (she had a mass aspirated last Friday that turned out to be a fatty mass common in labs) Dr. B shaved the spot down so it could heal up and sent her home with 2 weeks of antibiotics. Ace goes on Friday.

It is definitely more work to have 2 dogs right now, but the timing was right and I was ready. As for the little terror himself, he is spicy, saucy, spunky, spirited and a sweetheart all wrapped up into one package - esp right now because he is asleep in his crate. He is growing up so quick - he will be out of the baby kennel this weekend and into a portable crate at night...

Hope this finds everyone well!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picture Post

I know I have been slacking in the picture department. I have forgotten what it is like to have a 10 week old puppy - they require constant supervision. He is really doing great - housebreaking going great (he has really gotten the hang of going to the door over the past few days and we have not had an accident in the house in nearly a week - and we have never had a no 2 accident in the house) He is very agreeable to going into his crate, which makes my life a ton easier. I am clicker training him, which is going very well also - he sees the clicker and I definitely have his attention. We are really good at sit, down and touch..still working on taking the treat nicely.

His sister is his best playmate, and most of the time she is very willing to play. She is also not afraid to tell him to back off, which is very nice. He needs to learn he can't be a little jerk around other dogs. He wants to do what she does, and I used this to my advantage this morning, when I sent Chel outside to do her business right before a downpour started - he went right out and did his business as well.

Both dogs start class on Wednesday night - Ace a class for puppies younger than 20 weeks and Chelly Bean...AGILITY!!!! YAY! They are back to back, which will be nice, but will also require some serious organization on my part - esp because they start at 5:30 in Gahanna. Yeah..downtown to Dublin to Gahanna with 2 dogs (one of them being a 10 week old puppy) by 5 30. By week 2...we should have it down!

As for miss Chelly Bean...she gave me a scare last week. I found a mass on her rib cage...Dr. B aspirated it on Friday and it is just a fatty mass. PHEW. I have  decided to enter her in a trial in May for one day only, just to see where she is. We have been jumping over our jump in the basement, and she seems to be doing really well. I will watch her to see if we need to add an anti-inflammatory to the mix. She weighted 57.5 lbs at the beginning of April, and with her full return to activity, gained a pound and weighs 58.5. I am pretty sure it is muscle mass, given the activity she encounters on a daily basis trying to keep her brother off her.

Here are some photos!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Waffle,

For 10 days now, I have been pestered...pestered by that little flea. I barely wake up in the morning and he is ALL OVER THE PLACE! Trying to eat my food when mom puts its down, hanging on my scruff, barking at me...but finally, tonight...IT CROSSED THE LINE.

We were out in the yard, mom mowed the grass and was weeding. She had brought some toys out for the flea, and then put my rope kong down for me. What happened, you ask? You got it...squishy yellow puppy tried to TAKE MY ROPE KONG! That was it...I had enough! I yanked it out of his mouth and told him about it...and then I started running after him. Take that! And that! And that again! Take down, three times!!! He went running into mom's lap after that...but he got the message and then left my rope kong alone.

Begrudingly, I do admit, I am sort of attached to the little fellow...even if he hangs all over me and tries to steal my toy. If I really want to agitate him, I take his stuffed carrot and squeak it in front of him. When other people besides mom are around, I fake like I don't like him...won't even look at him. Both grandma and Carol, our pet sitter, say that - mom says she knows better and has video evidence to prove that I play with the little booger.

Mom says not too long from now, he will be as big as I am...hmph. But you and I, my dear Waffle, know who will always be at the top of the dog chain. That's right my sister, you and me.

In sisterhood of black labbies,

Chelsie Belle

Friday, April 16, 2010

One Week Later....

Ace has officially been here for one week! And we have all lived to tell about it.

Overall, he is a pretty good dog. It has been so long...8 years to be precise, since I have had a puppy. Housebreaking is going pretty well - his accidents come during play time when he is running around like a raving lunatic and then has an OMG moment...and just pees wherever he is. :) Thankfully, those are fewer and farther between - only because mom watches him like a hawk.

The best way I can describe him is that he is full of spunky, spirited puppyness! He has one speed when he is awake - full throttle. He loves to chew on his toys, the coffee table, the couch, shoes - Chelsie was never a shoe chewer. Good thing most of the time I put my shoes away.

Our first week went very smooth, all things considering. I had work functions 2 nights this week and had to be at work at 8AM - god bless grammie and grampie!. I was up very early both mornings to give him lots of play time, so at this point, I am pretty exhausted. He gets up once a night, but goes right away when I take him out and goes right back to bed as well. Probably the funniest thing about him is that he is a TERRIBLE eater. For those of you that have seen my belching, farting trucker eat, you know that she practically inhales the dish. Not him. He is too distracted to eat. Eats for a few bites, then wanders off for a minute, comes back, eats a little more...too funny. Right now he eats three times a day.

I have a wonderful pet sitter who comes and lets him out at lunch and is really working to help me train him. I do agility with her and take great comfort in knowing she is caring for him.

Pictures to come...this chica is worn out!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photo Opps...

Overall, we had an amazing day. Hopefully tomorrow is half as good as today. He is really a nifty little guy. His sister is still not sure about this, but she is getting used to it. Here are some photos over the last 2 days.

Resting in a puppy pile with his brother and sisters - he is up against the pen. The one next to him is his brother, Blue (Morning Star's Red While and Blue "Blue") the balck one is Ella and the one in the front is little girl. Rosie left shortly before this was taken.
His mom, Amber. She loves her firsbee and her weave poles, and is very content to curl up in her chair.
Hard at rest in his kennel in the car. He really settled down nicely in his kennel on the ride home.
Meeting the GRAND PAW for the first time.
With his grandma.
First night of family bonding. We were all exhausted.
Attacking the frog. He looks like a wild man.
Rare moment...both are sitting still.
Trying to figure out the 30 foot drag line.He soon realized this was a good thing.
To quote Carrie..."adorable cuteness" - he found the newspaper, determined it was a mean, evil, nasty thing that must be destroyed.
Newspaer destruction is hard work. When he is tired, he is perfectly content in his baby kennel. There is a big boy kennel next to this one with a divider panel for potty training purposes. He was alone for an hour accidents.
Playing in the grass with his sister. This was also a big day for his sister...she got a new pink kong from David...she lost her other one, which she LOVED - he got her a new one and with our release to full activity on Thursday, she was able to chase it to her hearts content.
Better enjoy this spot while you can still get in it, little buddy. Under one of the chairs at the kitchen table.
                                                     Resting in his sisters spot on the couch.



Morning Stars "Going the Distance" - call name "Ace".

His name commemorates my softball you all know, a pitcher that "goes the distance" pitches all nine innings and is often referred to as your "Ace".

Little Mr. Green jeans made it home yesterday....he was nothing short of amazing. A little distressed when he realized what was happening, but I had a litte paci bone Ellen gave me, which helped out a lot. He would chew, cry, chew, cry..and about 30 minutes into the trip he passed out. Rode on a pillow on my lap for the first 2 hrs and then in his crate the rest of the way home.

He met his sister - I think she is hoping he is a short term visitor. Pack order was established in this morning's first play session. Ace had her frog, and she does what I call the lab creep when another dog has something she wants. Well, she creeped and jumped and he freaked out. She quickly realized she was no match for him and things have been fine since. He is of course more interested in her than she in him...but both are doing well.

The dog is doing amazing from a house breaking perspective. I have already been dubbed the "potty ninja". He has had no accidents...but because every time  he looks like he might need to potty, I am scooping him up and taking him out. It has worked...he knows what to do in the "the spot".

Pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. Green Jeans

It looks like it is going to be Mr. Green Jeans. :) New pictures posted at:

Click on Amber/Cody litter. In the newest pictures at the bottom, where the puppies are looking at the camera, I think Mr. Green Jeans is the second boy in there - the first one is little girl and then of course, you can tell who Rosie Posie is by her pink collar but the boys are naked..I am pretty sure Mr. Green Jeans is the second boy - light blue's ears are a bit longer and green jeans is a little broader in the chest.

Pick up time is 10AM on Friday...I can't wait.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little of Everything, Whole Lot of Nothing....

With the warm up in the weather, time just seems to fly is a rundown of the happenings:

1. After a bout with infection (including fever of 102 and chills) my dad seems to have taken a tremendous turn for the better in his recovery. Today, Easter Sunday, he is moving around amazingly well. He and my mom went to lunch one day last week, no more home PT and he was able to walk around the block a couple of times this week. He is done with the walker and uses a cane, but can walk short distances without the cane. He still finds sitting in certain chairs uncomfortable, as he is still under some pretty heavy mobility restrictions, but he sees his surgeon on Thursday and we are hoping the restrictions are lifted. It is very clear he is feeling a LOT better, which is good.

2. We celebrated Easter with some of the best carne asada out there - straight from El Centro, California. For those of you not familiar with El Centro, it is about 20 miles from the Mexican border. We were eating the real stuff - and it was YUMMY! Karla, John's wife, also brought her "thing" for dessert - it is a salty/sweet treat with a crust of crushed pretzels/butter/sugar, with whip cream and strawberries set in strawberry jello. We just call it the "thing" - Karla pretty much knows what she is bringing to family dinners these days.

3. Family in San Diego is safe and sound after 6.9 earthquake (my uncle Steve and all of Karla's family). A few things to clean up off the floor, but nothing major. Brought back some unpleasant memories for my Uncle Steve, as they were in Big Bear for the Landers/Big Bear earthquakes - both were close to magnitude 7 on the Richter scale on separate fault lines about 90 minutes apart. My Aunt Eileen and Uncle Norm had a cabin in Big Bear at that time and they, along with my brother, Uncle Steve and John, were up there the morning of the earthquake. The house next to theirs was a total loss due to structural damage - their house was fine, but it was a mess inside from things falling down, the refirgerator opening up, etc. For those of you that don't know, I am deathly afraid of earthquakes...and I mean terrifed. It was always at least 7-10 days before I would sleep in my own bed again...grandma always said "yes" when I would tap her on the shoulder to come sleep with her...

4. Big week for us...Chelly Bean has her last follow up with Dr. Kennedy and will hopefully be returned to agility. Mommy is banking on it, as her class registration was mailed in today. Little Ace will also be coming home next weekend! As I look at my puppy sleeping peacefully on the couch (head back, on her side, paws and mouth twitching) a pang of guilt comes over me for the disruption I am about to inflict on her little life. :(

5. BC dog went home last week - I met Scott 15 miles into Pa. We talked for nearly 2 hrs and cried when we left each other. We will always be very close...but from a relationship perspective, we are not what each other needs right now. I am not sure what is worse...acceptance of that fact or someone doing something hurtful to someone. Scott showed RIP this weekend and was 1-4...a knocked a bar, had an off course and RIP did his weave pole "thing" where he goes in the first pole, skips the second one and finishes the rest. Scott posted some pictures from the weekend, and I figured out why Rippy might have done some of those things...he was frightened my the hideous yellow MICHIGAN shirt he was wearing...All kidding aside, I still have my moments where it hurts...a lot.

6. I was reacquainted with my mower this past just waiting for everything to come into bloom. I was reacquainted with my dad's mower also this afternoon. :)

7. I had hoped to get reacquainted with my wakeboard this weekend..but we had some pretty high sustained winds yesterday that put a damper on our plans. We concluded that there was a reasonable possibility that we could indeed we opted not to put the boat in the water. Evidence supporting this decision was in the form of my BBQ laying across my deck when I got home...the top is cracked and broken...UGH! I think it is still functional, but there will come a point where I will put the "f-it" rubber stamp on it and go buy a new one. My parents grill blew over as well, and they had to purchase another one for our carne asada today. I think we need to invest in some bungee cords to strap our grills to the deck rails - this is the second time that mine has blown over and the same part has been broken. Hopefully, I can hold on until the end of the season...

So that is the wrap. Busy week upcoming - have to go Indiana for work tomorrow, my coworker is showing up at 8AM, we are picking up another one and heading about 300 miles up to NW Indiana. I may have the opportunity of a lifetime tomorrow be at the Duke/Butler game in Indianapolis tomorrow night...that would be nothing short of amazing. Come home Wednesday, meet Ace's pet sitter Wednesday night, take Chel to Medvet Thursday, leave Thursday night for Michigan to get Ace, get him home as early on Friday as possible so he has a few days with me to settle in and start potty boot camp!!!

I hope everyone was able to spend the day with family and had a nice day. Life is short, play hard, take nothing for granted. Have a great week all...more pictures of Ace to is one I know is him...he is also known as "green jeans" and is the one chewing on the toy.