Saturday, April 10, 2010



Morning Stars "Going the Distance" - call name "Ace".

His name commemorates my softball you all know, a pitcher that "goes the distance" pitches all nine innings and is often referred to as your "Ace".

Little Mr. Green jeans made it home yesterday....he was nothing short of amazing. A little distressed when he realized what was happening, but I had a litte paci bone Ellen gave me, which helped out a lot. He would chew, cry, chew, cry..and about 30 minutes into the trip he passed out. Rode on a pillow on my lap for the first 2 hrs and then in his crate the rest of the way home.

He met his sister - I think she is hoping he is a short term visitor. Pack order was established in this morning's first play session. Ace had her frog, and she does what I call the lab creep when another dog has something she wants. Well, she creeped and jumped and he freaked out. She quickly realized she was no match for him and things have been fine since. He is of course more interested in her than she in him...but both are doing well.

The dog is doing amazing from a house breaking perspective. I have already been dubbed the "potty ninja". He has had no accidents...but because every time  he looks like he might need to potty, I am scooping him up and taking him out. It has worked...he knows what to do in the "the spot".

Pictures to come soon.

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