Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hangin' In

We are still attempting to settle into a routine over here, but so far, things are going well. Ace had his first puppy class tonight, Chelsie her first agility class since hurting herself. All went well. Wednesday's are going to be really long days - I have to leave work at 4 to get to Gahanna by 5 30. But its just for this session.

Little Ace man continues to grow. Mom was negiligent to the hurt he was inflicting on the big puppy's neck - his constant harassment resulted in 2 hot spots on Chelsie's neck. Poor thing had to go to the vet for the second time in 5 days (she had a mass aspirated last Friday that turned out to be a fatty mass common in labs) Dr. B shaved the spot down so it could heal up and sent her home with 2 weeks of antibiotics. Ace goes on Friday.

It is definitely more work to have 2 dogs right now, but the timing was right and I was ready. As for the little terror himself, he is spicy, saucy, spunky, spirited and a sweetheart all wrapped up into one package - esp right now because he is asleep in his crate. He is growing up so quick - he will be out of the baby kennel this weekend and into a portable crate at night...

Hope this finds everyone well!


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

How did Ace do in his puppy class? Was he excited to be around all the other dogs? I'm definitely getting a taste of your world, except I think the personalities of the big/little dogs are reversed. Hope Chelsie's neck gets better quickly, if you can keep Ace off of it!

Becky said...

Ah Chels its hard being the big sister -- hope your neck is feeling better. Ace you do sound adorable and what lively energy!