Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Waffle,

For 10 days now, I have been pestered...pestered by that little flea. I barely wake up in the morning and he is ALL OVER THE PLACE! Trying to eat my food when mom puts its down, hanging on my scruff, barking at me...but finally, tonight...IT CROSSED THE LINE.

We were out in the yard, mom mowed the grass and was weeding. She had brought some toys out for the flea, and then put my rope kong down for me. What happened, you ask? You got it...squishy yellow puppy tried to TAKE MY ROPE KONG! That was it...I had enough! I yanked it out of his mouth and told him about it...and then I started running after him. Take that! And that! And that again! Take down, three times!!! He went running into mom's lap after that...but he got the message and then left my rope kong alone.

Begrudingly, I do admit, I am sort of attached to the little fellow...even if he hangs all over me and tries to steal my toy. If I really want to agitate him, I take his stuffed carrot and squeak it in front of him. When other people besides mom are around, I fake like I don't like him...won't even look at him. Both grandma and Carol, our pet sitter, say that - mom says she knows better and has video evidence to prove that I play with the little booger.

Mom says not too long from now, he will be as big as I am...hmph. But you and I, my dear Waffle, know who will always be at the top of the dog chain. That's right my sister, you and me.

In sisterhood of black labbies,

Chelsie Belle

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Becky said...

Chels hang in there - I bet he will be a fun playmate. He sounds adorable. Sounds like you are such a great big sister.