Friday, April 16, 2010

One Week Later....

Ace has officially been here for one week! And we have all lived to tell about it.

Overall, he is a pretty good dog. It has been so long...8 years to be precise, since I have had a puppy. Housebreaking is going pretty well - his accidents come during play time when he is running around like a raving lunatic and then has an OMG moment...and just pees wherever he is. :) Thankfully, those are fewer and farther between - only because mom watches him like a hawk.

The best way I can describe him is that he is full of spunky, spirited puppyness! He has one speed when he is awake - full throttle. He loves to chew on his toys, the coffee table, the couch, shoes - Chelsie was never a shoe chewer. Good thing most of the time I put my shoes away.

Our first week went very smooth, all things considering. I had work functions 2 nights this week and had to be at work at 8AM - god bless grammie and grampie!. I was up very early both mornings to give him lots of play time, so at this point, I am pretty exhausted. He gets up once a night, but goes right away when I take him out and goes right back to bed as well. Probably the funniest thing about him is that he is a TERRIBLE eater. For those of you that have seen my belching, farting trucker eat, you know that she practically inhales the dish. Not him. He is too distracted to eat. Eats for a few bites, then wanders off for a minute, comes back, eats a little more...too funny. Right now he eats three times a day.

I have a wonderful pet sitter who comes and lets him out at lunch and is really working to help me train him. I do agility with her and take great comfort in knowing she is caring for him.

Pictures to come...this chica is worn out!!!


Carrie and Waffle said...

You know Truffie had the same issues with eatting. We thought it was because she was so small that the kibble was too big for her. For about 10 days we crushed her food and mixed it with warm water, much like they do up at GDB, it did seem to help. Lucky they grow over night and one day she didn't seem to need it anymore

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I'm shocked at a Lab that doesn't inhale food! We mix Cabana's food with warm water still.

First week under your belt--thank goodness! That's probably the hardest one. This weekend, you should do what was the best advice I got when I had human babies--nap when your baby naps. Good luck with week 2!!

Becky said...

Are you sure you have a lab? all the ones I know inhale the food! hope week two goes better and you have a fun weekend.