Monday, June 4, 2007

Back at It

After taking a week off to celebrate Memorial Day, we headed back to see our friends at Dodd Hall. The day was a lot cooler than it has been, which was nice. It was a little windy outside, but the longer it stays cooler, the better. Sometimes the patient's rooms can really stuffy.

She did well again tonight. Although it seemed as though there was a full house, we had a few people in contact isolation and a lot of doors closed. Both our deaf lady and Bob seemed to be gone, which is a very good thing for both of them.

Now that I think about it, we really only saw probably about 10 patients tonight, but spent a fair amount of time with each of the ones we saw. The first patient we saw was actually a very sick lady - she told me she had cancer, which was pretty obvious. She had a pretty good sized U shape scar above her right ear as well. We talked about her pets - she was pretty straight forward in telling me she wished it was her dog that was here instead of Chel. I can't blame her - I know I would want my little puppy if I were in her shoes. She was trying to avoid germs, so she did not pet Chelsie. She seemed to enjoy our visit.

Our last visit of the night was with the wife of a patient who was in contact isolation. Apparently they had a farm out near Marysville, and her husband used to hunt. She told me all about her dogs, and Chelsie really took to her. She bent down to pet Chelsie, and Chelsie went after her ear..I had to tell her, Get down you crazy ear eater! She wagged her body and walked around in circles while this lady scratched her butt. What a life.

She is now upstairs resting. Mom is off to make her lunch and freeze little Belle's peanut butter kong. What a life. I hope everyone is well.

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The Monroes said...

Wow, can I move in too? I think Chels gets treated better than most humans!