Monday, October 1, 2007

No work tonight for me....

Hello all,

We did not work tonight. Mom is sick - and has been since last Thursday. I had not been feeling well since Tuesday, but Thursday this thing just morphed into misery. I have been self exorcising with Nyquil and Sudafed - about the best I can say is that I sleep quite soundly at night! I still feel like crap, and it made no sense to go to the hospital tonight. I did not walk in the walk and I did not play soccer - both of which should tell you how poorly I feel. Of course, though, I have been sucking it up and going to work. If however, Friday comes and I do not feel better, I am going to give in and stay home. Who knows, maybe I will even call a doctor. My poor father walked into my house on Thursday night to find me in a heap on the couch...I quickly assured him I just had a cold - at which point he inquired if I knew what a doctor was for. For those of you that did not know, I got the privilege of flying on the company jet on Thursday to Chicago - from OSU airport. My commute was 2 min to the airport, no security and we just got on the plane and left! Long and short of it, I did not have an opportunity to call the doctor on Thursday.

Chel did well this weekend - her handler is an idiot, but she did fine. She and her friend Grant, the Australian Shepherd (Aussie for short) are both looking for new moms after this weekend. They were great, their moms sucked. Thankfully, it is dogs we are talking about here, and we all know they love unconditionally. I did feel well enough to take the precious, beautiful and gorgeous baby angel for a walk tonight, and she appreciated that. I am going to see if I can talk her into cuddling for a bit - tonight's dose of Nyquil is kicking in.

We hope this finds the rest of the world doing well.


Nicole and The Chelsie Belle, who is looking for a new mom


The Monroes said...

Feel better Nic! I hope Chels forgives you for being the weak link in her trials!

The Scotts said...

Get well soon! It's going around!

the youngbergs said...

Hope your week has improved. Remember to listen to your's telling you it's okay to slow down!!! Take care Nic.