Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two Chelsie's????

This week is a FANTASTIC week - Mom is on VACATION!!!! Yea!!

Our week started off with a bang - new carpet. Yep, that nasty gross stuff that was in here before is gone. Chelsie was banished to grammie's - there were 4 people in the house, a lot of noise and it was HOT. I had to turn the heat up to make the carpet more pliable to stretch - so it was like 77 degrees in the house. BUT, getting carpet is a lot of work.

Chelsie came home in time to be able to go to work. Lots of people were in isolation last night, so right off the bat, we could not go into about 5 rooms. We were done with the first side of the hall in no time. The second side of the hall was a different story - all in all, we were there again for about an hour and twenty minutes.

We did get to see a few people we saw last week - the lady that had 2 labs was actually going home today, so she was very happy. She was very happy to see Chelsie. Her roommate was an older lady that we saw last week - she was pretty immobile, but I took Chel to the other side of the bed where she could see her. This lady was a dog lady, and she told me over and over how beautiful Chelsie was. Of course she is. :)

We also saw an older man we saw last week - this week he had a lady friend in there with him. I am not sure if it was his wife or not, but she saw us in the hall and asked us to come in. Chelsie jumped in her chair and immediately started giving kisses. They were laughing and loving on her - and she was just eating it up. Like she is so unloved at home.

The last room of the night was 2 middle aged ladies - and was my room of the week to be reminded not to judge. There was a very rough middle aged lady in there who kind of blew me off initially, but then was very excited when she realized I was the one with the dog. Apparently one of the nurses had told her I was coming, and she was very excited. Her roommate had an assistance dog - you guessed it, a black lab mix named Chelsie!!! My Chelsie was at the end of her rope by then, but she was able to gut it out for about 10 minutes. Thankfully, the lady understood. Her Chelsie was coming to visit today - she said that the poor puppy was confused, and missed her. I could only imagine. She had gotten her from some group that rescues the dogs and then trains them to assist people - I forget the name of it. She was 7 years old, compared to my almost 6 year old.

We hope everyone is doing well, and wish you all a happy thanksgiving. Chelsie and I will call Dodd on Thursday morning and see if the house if full enough for a visit - apparently many people are getting a pass for Thursday, so we will see. We will be having turkey with the family and then decorating for Christmas on Friday. On Saturday, we will be Razorback and Husky fans for sure, hoping the victorious Buckeyes can end up in the Natl Championship. But the Rose Bowl is not a bad place to be...anyway, safe travels and enjoy your time with family!

Nicole and the Chelsie Belle


The Monroes said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I cannot believe the other black labs name was Chelsie as well, pretty funny!

The Tuckers said...

Happy Turkey Day to you and Chelsie.... you are brightening peoples lives all the time!