Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Agility Queen

My little Chel cleaned house this weekend at her agility competition!!! She had three qualifying scores in four runs ("Q's") toward her novice agility titles - and, in all three she took first place!!! The run she did not Q on, she broke her start line stay - that is, took off before mom said to. Consequently, when mom looked up and she was halfway to the second jump, I panicked, and my plan got screwed up. She knocked a bar on a jump down...bad news. No Q. But mom is very, very proud of her, she did great. For everyone out there, there are three levels of titles in AKC agility - novice (beginner), open (medium) and excellent (advanced). We moved to open in the standard group (has all the obstacles - teeter, tunnels, jumps, weave poles, tables) and are still in novice in jumpers (just jumps, tunnels and weave poles).

On a side note, some news station showed Tressel after the 2003 National Championship when he said "We have the best damn band in the land and now we have the best damn team in the land!!!" It was awesome, got me all pumped up. GO BUCKS!!!


The Monroes said...

Good job chels, next up is the excellent division!!

cpy said...

Congratulations Chels!! Of course, we didn't expect anything less!