Monday, December 17, 2007

Divine Intervention and Why We Visit

Over the past few years, I have really come to believe there is a higher power with a master plan - I especially try to remember this when the idiot in front of me can't differentiate between the gas and the brakes, when the checker in Walmart takes 15 minutes to check out the person in front of me or the car in front of me at the McDonald's drive thru can't seem to figure out what they want.

Tonight, divine intervention took me to the same elevator as Kim Weaver's father - on his way up to the third floor of Dodd Hall. Kimmy is the patient I wrote about last week. I was a little off on her age - she is 20, not the teenager I thought she was. Whatever - she is still very young. At any rate, I ran into Mr. Weaver on the elevator and he told me the picture the nurse took last week was on Kim's website. I told him we were on our way to the 4th floor, but that we would stop down and see Kim on our way out. The "nurse" turned out to be Kim's sister, Nicole.

When I knocked on the door in her room, Kim was just finishing a home cooked meal of pot roast and potatoes. She was glad to see us - and even I could see a difference from last week. She talks very softly, but is aware of what is going on around her. Say a prayer that Kim gets a 2 day pass for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Many people ask why I do this - tonight, I am tired and really gave thought to just curling up on the couch and staying home. I had the opportunity to crash a birthday party tonight, but opted out so we could go volunteer. Everyone has a story, and tonight I learned Kim's story. Tonight, I said a prayer for her and her family, and gave thanks for my own health and the health of those I care about.

You can learn about Kim on the following website. Her friends put a video together on You Tube, I would encourage you to watch that as well. Chelsie is also on the site.

name: Kimberlyweaver (all one word)

As usual, Chelsie was just fabulous. Kim was the last patient we saw, and she did great - was very patient and we spent about 15 minutes with her. We will no doubt be seeing her for awhile, but to date she has made tremendous progress.

This is why we do it. Have a very merry Christmas!


Nicole and Chelsie


The Monroes said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kim and her family.

the youngbergs said...

What an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing....she has become a part of our thoughts and prayers.