Friday, January 11, 2008

Special Visit

Well, after being away from Dodd for three weeks (the last three Monday's have been Christmas, New Year and that miserable football game) we made a very special visit to Dodd last night. This morning, at 11AM, Kim Weaver is going home!!! We wanted to see her and her family one final time before Kim's homecoming.

Kim looked pretty good last night - her trach was healing very well, it was not even covered and she was enjoying a dinner of Chipotle. We were able to visit with the family for about 40 minutes, and had a very nice visit. They are just thrilled that Kim is doing well enough to be able to go home. She will continue her therapy at OSU, probably beginning next week.

We hope this finds everyone doing well, and we are looking forward to getting back on a regular visiting schedule to Dodd!


Nicole and the Chelsie Belle

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