Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Secret Life of a 30 Something Single Girl....

For some time now, many of my married friends have said "we live vicariously through you". Thus, I decided tonight I will contribute more to my blog than just what is happening at our therapy visits. You all can see my exciting life as a single (meaning unmarried) 33 year old..

Here is a little background information for context purposes - currently dating "the doctor" as I call him. Tim is 39 and is an infectious disease doctor - never married, no kids. (how blissful is that??) For those of you that have been out of the game for awhile, those are hard to find these days. Currently working at Cardinal Health in the Internal Audit department - how boring you say? On the contrary!!! We get involved in all kinds of nifty stuff - to the point where the phrase "insider trading" actually may mean something. Thus, I contribute a very small portion of my salary to our employees stock purchase plan and will be sure to understand the insider trading law before making any sales on it...spent 7 years in public accounting and then decided I had no interest in working 80 hrs a week for a portion of the year for the rest of my life trying to interpret accounting guidance written in another language, so I finally had the sense enough to find a new job. I will never be able to commute again, as my office is 2 miles from my house.

I have lived in my humble little home for 4 years, with the company of Scoobi Doo the cat and Chelsie. All of the immediate fam is about 20 min west of here, in a small city called Marysville. For those of you that drive a Honda, that is likely where the car was made, depending on the model. I am currently involved in many activities - volunteering at OSU medical center, doing agility with Chel and playing soccer and softball. I clean my own house and mow my own grass, and occasionally, have time to sleep.

I hope you guys enjoy this - I love reading all of your blogs and I hope this one can bring some laughter to your world from time to time...

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