Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Rockstars

So far, we have been partying like rockstars this weekend. Last night, Friday night, it was fairly decent outside, so Chel and I ventured out to the park. Along the way, we stopped and picked up her friend Truth. The girls had not seen each other in awhile, so they were very happy to see each other. We are very sad that Truth and Aunt Sharon have a new house in Hilliard - they were bursting at the seams in their current house and just needed more space. This new house has a sliding door out to the backyard (many of the houses in my neighborhood do not - mine does) and I have heard that Truthie LOVES her new yard. We are happy they will have a bigger house, but sad they are moving away. They had a great time at the park, chasing the Kong ball and the Wubba.

After we got home, I cleaned house - because I had to stay awake for an 11PM soccer game - yep, that's right. The older I get, the more insane that becomes. If I had sat down last night, it would have been lights out. The game was definitely more physical that I would have liked at 11PM on a Friday night. I was especially irritated when I took an elbow to the hip from a guy. It hurt like a you know what - actually almost knocked the wind out of me and dropped me, that was for sure. We ended up losing 4-3 and the hip pointer is still with me tonight....

Despite the punishment from last nights event, I went to kickboxing this morning. I had taken a week off from kickboxing because the new movements had caused incredible tightness in the muscle group on the middle left of my back - to the point where turning over in bed was miserable and twisting to the right was nearly impossible. When we first started warming up, I thought I had gotten in over my head, but I managed. After kickboxing, Tim and I caught the softball Buckeyes in action against Iowa. Unfortunately, they lost 1-0. Chelsie came to the game and got to chase her ball for a little while - the game was pushed back an hour in hope the temperatures would rise. It worked, the hour made a difference.

Our rockstar weekend continued into tonight, we had a hot date with a 2 yr old and and 2 week old. Chelsie wanted to go visit Bryce, so we did - and of course, got to see Teagan. Bryce is getting so big - his little sister got him a train set for when she and her mom came home from the hospital, so he showed us his train set. We ate dinner, played and then Chelsie supervised his bath. He was making animal sounds for us in the bath - he was a snake, a monkey, lion, frog, dog, cat....he is so cute, growing up so fast! It is amazing how he has changed in just the last month, especially his speech. He speaks in full sentences and said my whole name for the first time tonight. I promised him a visit soon.

And here it is, 10:30 on Saturday night and we are ready to pass out! Louisville is making a comeback so we might have to stay awake for that, but we (I) will not be awake much beyond that. Chelsie's nap time today was interrupted, so she is passed out. Hard to imagine that at one point in our lives, we were just getting ready to go out, as opposed to passing out!!!

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