Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Stuff

So this weekend has had its share of events - I should have known laundry was going to be my curse on Friday night when I went to put my sheets in the dryer and in doing so, hit my thumb on the dryer and broke my nail about halfway down (I had put the sheets in the laundry before leaving for work on Friday)

I did manage to make an amazing recovery in the towel area - I used every kind of bleach product on the shelf at Walmart, and this stuff called Rit finally seemed to make enough of a difference that for now it does not appear necessary to replace the towels in the bathroom. Rit is that stuff you can use to enhance color - I used the one to whiten loads that were not compatible with bleach.

It was a spa weekend here at this house - Chel got a bath, ears cleaned and a pedicure. She is the only girl I know that does not like a pedi!!! I got my dishwater hair highlighted and cut too short - I have not had hair this short since after I graduated from college. It will grow back, I suppose.

Did a little shopping with Maggie (my mom) today after Chelsie's private agility lesson. She worked so hard today and was such a good girl. She wore herself out and is now laying sideways across the bed - has more room on our king size bed than the human does. Found some non black work pants, which I was in desperate need of - can you explain to my why I have pants from Ann Taylor in my closet that are size 6 and fit perfectly, and then size 8 and 10 with the same scenario? Killer deal today at Ann - spend $100, get $100 of rewards cards. Essentially, get $300 of clothes for $200. I am a good sale shopper at AT and always have a coupon - my record came in the fall when between coupons and savings cards, I got about $800 of clothes for $500. I know, ridiculous...but nice work clothes are necessary.

Best find of the day was at Bed Bath & Beyond. I got a seat cover for the back seat of my car because something furry and black refuses to ride in the very back of the car. She acts so bad back there it is a battle I have chosen not to fight. This seat cover attaches over the headrests and on to the bottom of the seat. It also has little holes where the seatbelt can come through - I know many people strap their dogs in, but that is not something I do with my little precious. I had a blanket back there, but it always fell down - won't happen with this because of the straps holding it over the headrest. Machine washable, which is key. I would highly recommend it - I would think it would also be effective to prevent spills - because seat belt hooks go through the little holes, I would think you would be able to attach a car seat, right? I have only ever had a car seat in my car once, but I think it would work.

Hope this finds everyone well. Happy Monday and have a great week!

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