Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The apple does not fall far from the tree...

My dad has a green thumb...has beautiful plants in his house and yard and is very gracious to share them with me. As they are on yet ANOTHER European vacation, I am babysitting some orchids. I have three beautiful, flowering orchids.

I am proud to say the green thumb has made it to me. After 4 years of pure sweat equity in my landscape, it is established itself beautifully and I get very happy when I see it. Here are a few snapshots of the fruits of my labor.

My own personal favorite yard decoration - her collar matches the bucket!! She is such a good dog she does not need to be on leash while supervising yard work, and always comes running when her mom calls her.
The second plant to the left of the gas meter is one I am very proud of. It was in a different bed and not thriving, so I moved it (moving plants is a PAIN) It liked the move and is now doing very well. I have to celebrate the small things...

The above and below pictures are from Monday of this week. Begonias (the flowers above), salvia and geraniums were what I chose for my garden. I have a very strange sun angle on the house, so I need a lot of plants that can grow in a variety of conditions.

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Alexis said...

Your yard looks great. Let me know when you want to come up here and give me a little yard advice. I need help growing grass.