Thursday, May 8, 2008

My little girl is growing up...

After 6 years, I think my little girl is growing up. For our therapy work, I have to trim her nails about every 2 weeks - she HATES it. I have only drawn a TINY amount of blood once, but she still carries on like I am trying to kill her. I have found if I can lay her on my bed and lay her on her side, I can see the bottom of her feet (she has those black nails that make this even harder) and how far I need to cut. Well, last night, I took at look at her toes - and got a look of death from her that basically get "leave my feet alone". But I got out the clippers and she just laid there - only pulled her paw away once and only got up once. She came back when I called her and let me finish. I told her that if she would just hold still and let me do this, we would be done a lot faster. She ignored me and went and got the princess squeaky toy she won this weekend. Maybe we are turning a corner with this??

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