Monday, May 26, 2008

The Park is Open!

Much to Chelsie's delight, the Barkpark is open!! Barkpark is a not for profit organization sponsored by a lady here in Dublin, who has graciously made her 10 acre plot of land into an absolute haven for dogs. The property is fenced in, has a pond that is cleaned with animal safe chemicals, they have a bbq every weekend and it is a ton of fun. Since inception, it has raised over $850k for animal rescue. Mention of the word "Barkpark" in my house ensues hysteria, as does turning onto Glick Rd from Riverside drive - I have to listen to her carry on like a banshee for about 5 miles, whining and crying and barking out the window. As if I might get her there and then not let her out of the car.

It works like this - I pay a membership fee of $150 for the summer and then $5 every time we go. Each weekend benefits certain animal rescue groups - for example, this weekend was Franklin County Animal Shelter. Barkpark's founder is very, very active with FC. They had all kind of goodies there, but what was most important to Chel was what she could chase out of the water. By the time I pay our $5, she has already been to the pond and is soaking wet. Here are a few pictures from her first day at the park.

One other great thing about the park is there are always lots of toys to chase out of the water...the new toys this year are the little rubber duckies as seen above. As a duck dog, Chelsie felt it necessary to hoard the ducks - I was not able to capture her swimming with 2 more in her mouth. The funny thing is, not just any rubber duckie will do - if I throw one and it is not the one she wants, I have to throw another one - which is why she was swimming at me with 2 in her mouth, because the first one I threw was not the "right" one.
Coming to mom with the all important rubber duckie.
While there are a number of free dog parks in the city of Columbus, I choose to be a member of Barkpark because of all the fantastic resue work it supports. Hats off to all the people who do animal rescue - one thing I know I could not do. All the puppies here are current on their vet records and agressive dogs are removed from the park, so it is a relatively safe environment. We have only ever gotten into 2 skirmishes at the park, both of which we very minor relative to the one that took place in my driveway a few mos ago!!
Thanks Marcia, we love the park!!!


cpy said...

How fun! I want to take Sierra there!

The Monroes said...

I need to get elmer there ASAP!

OSU 98 said...

CP, Sierra would be in lab heaven.