Sunday, June 29, 2008

I need to go back to work to rest

My weekends are killing me.

Last weekend it was three days of agility, this weekend it was an all day softball tourney on Saturday. Actually, it started Friday night. It was a Friday night Barkpark, so Chelsie went to the park. She found a bumper toy that became her obsession all night, and she only lost it once - but got it right back. We then drove to Westerville for softball (from north Dublin - yeah, its a long way) only to not have the other team show up. They could have at least called - not very good Christians!!! Chelsie got to chase her ball for a little while longer, so she was happy.

After running home from softball, I had to go to the grocery store - I had not been in 2 weeks and wanted to take some snacks to the tourney on Saturday. I was out the door at 6:25 because we went in a caravan to the field, and back in the door at 11PM Saturday night. 6 games, 2 rain delays, spotting 7 runs in the top of the first in the semis and run ruling the opposition in the finals, we won the whole enchilada. I am just a sub on this team, but with the victory, they clinched a berth in Worlds in Flroida in September. Good to do early in the season. But it wiped me out. Grand Paw was nice enough to come get Chelsie and bring her home, so she spent the day with him. I talked to him after they had some pretty good thunder, and he informed me she did not like thunder, that she was trying to climb in his lap. I informed him I was well aware of this dislike. As I write this, she is sideways across the bed - not sure why she is tired, she did not do a darn thing all day...

It took a lot to get out of bed and do the weekend chores. I put them off last weekend, so putting them off this weekend was not an option. I played soccer at 5:30 - weather was perfect, but we lost 4-3. A few minor defensive breakdowns got us. It was a good, hard, physical game - so physical, there were 2 Pk's! One for each team - 1 is rare, I have not been in a game as of late where each team had one. I had other things that still needed done, but I got on the couch and never got off. Despite what I think, life will go on - admitting this is a big step for me!!!

Tomorrow is D-Day - day 1 of sprinkler installation. I am so excited. I did not cut the grass for fear I would cut away the utility markings, and the grass is very long. Again, I will survive. The thought of not planning my nights around dragging the sprinklers around in the dead of summer is blissful. Please pray for minimal destruction to the yard...although I don't know how you do something like this with "minimal" destruction.

I hope everyone had a fun, action packed weekend. Today, my mom watched my 10 yr old cousin Jennifer march in the Main St Electrical Parade at Disneyland. Jen has taken up baton twirling, and her troupe marched in the parade today. They won the competition yesterday at training camp that made them the first troupe to march out. Go Jen!! We will be seeing them in a few weeks, when they come for their annual trip. I am looking for suggestions for girls night out/girls day. Michelle and I have an AWFUL habit of staying up 2/3 of the night when they come...then we walk around like zombies all day. But we can't help it. :)

Have a great week!

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The Monroes said...

Suggestion: Napping, massage...pedicures. Lunch and Dinner. All wonderful things and she will love sans kids....