Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Agility Weekend

This weekend, we competed at a NADAC trial in Zanesville. I have participated in trials put on by this club before, and they do a really nice job. The judge was a judge at our club's NADAC trial in October.

Overall, Chelsie was spectacular - only nine qualifying scores on 11 runs and 4 titles. (not that I am a proud mom) She earned her novice jumpers title, her novice "touch and go" title (course of A frames, dog walks and tunnels), her novice chances title (where I have to work with her at a distance) and her open tunnels title. As usual, she worked so very hard for her mom. On the 2 runs she did not Q, she knocked a bar down and mom displayed bad handling skills. I handled her in a manner I don't normally handle her in..for good reason. We ran into each other, and she got behind me and took an off course jump. I think I was spectating, because I had plenty of time to get where I needed to be...I did manage to stay on my feet, thankfully! Otherwise, the run was perfect. I am very, very proud of her.

Unfortunately, there was no AC in this building...and it was in the low 90's and about 190% humidity this weekend. It was incredibly hot in that building. I did not realize how hot it was in her crate yesterday, so today, she was only crated when I had to walk the course and when I needed to use the facilities. Otherwise, she was parked next to me with a fan blowing on us..and it was still hot. The heat and humidity has sapped us both, we are now resting.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It appears summer is here in Ohio!!!

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