Thursday, June 5, 2008

Someone Needs to talk to all God's creatures...

Someone needs to have a discussion with all of God's creatures to let them know that my deck is not their haven. The bee issue seems to be resolved, but I was walking back into the house tonight when I noticed some suspicious tree like earthiness on the deck. Thankfully, my daddy was there to take it down for me and there were no eggs in the nest. (definitely a man's job)
This poor creature of God has had a rough week. At the vet's instruction, mom has fed her a diet of Benadryl all week to see if that would help her itchiness. It has - only because the Benadryl has knocked her out. Last night, when we bonded before bed, her skin was on fire - and mom has the AC set at a nice, comfy 72 degrees. Mommy called Dr. Watters this morning and she agreed it was probably best for her to come in. Hopefully, tomorrow morning, we will have some resolution to this.

And finally, the pride and joy of my back landscaping. This is by far the most expensive tree in my backyard (a Japanese maple for all you non green thumbs), but it is definitely the one that brings me the most joy when I pull the shade up in the morning. I made the decision to part with a substantial amount of money today when I signed a contract for an irrigation system. I have so much sweat equity in that yard I firmly believe every dollar will be worth it!!

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The Monroes said...

Obviously creatures feel very comfortable in your yard! They know you are an animal lover!! I am glad there were not any eggs, otherwise you would have had to leave it... I always made my dad leave the nests until the babies were out- drove him nuts but I wouldn't have it any other way. Love he Japanese maple by the way.