Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The sprinklers are finally in...and worth every dollar I paid for them. I was walking around watching them adjust the final settings, and as I watched each zone go off, I knew more and more this was $$ well spent. I have 7 zones that go off in succession (I don't have the water pressure to have them go off all at once) for as long as 20 minutes and as little as 8 minutes. My yard is somewhat torn up, but when you have heavy machinery like this going over it, its impossible for it not to be. Matt, the main installer guy, just told me to have the sprinklers come on every day for the next 2 weeks and it will come back. My yard guys told me the same thing when the skunks destroyed my yard in the fall, so I am about 2 weeks away from a beautiful yard that I am not dragging a hose all over...project WATERING began at 3AM this morning and I did not hear a thing!!!

Seeing this thing roll across my yard was very stressful for me. It shook the whole house when it started up close to the house..they didn't trench it, they did something like pull the tubing under the ground with the hook thing...CP, maybe Tim can explain it better???
All that tubing is now in my yard....

Location is key...this one goes out into the center of the yard - right where the sun bakes the grass all day.

Destruction machine in the back yard. They took one set of tires off the machine and removed my gate to get that thing back there. The back looks worse than the front, probably because it is smaller.

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the youngbergs said...

I'll have to ask Tim, but I think your terms were very technical and accurate! Looks great!! Irrigation is not so typical out there because of all the rain, but I'm sure you'll be the envy of all your neighbors in no time!