Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to a routine....

Well, I survived my first day of work. It was not bad at all, went by kind of fast. Lots of reading of course - esp because I will not have a computer until Monday. I will be out on Friday (we are playing agility that day) and the intern's last day is Friday - rumor has it he has a nicer computer, so I am going to take his. Yea for me.

This is definitely going to be different - much smaller group, but very laid back. I think I will have a lot of freedom to make adjustments as I see fit, but will hang back for awhile just to figure out the lay of the land. I seem to have connected with the girls I work with - one of them recently left Deloitte, so that is always a bonus. I am not even turning the Olympics on tonight...I made that mistake again last night - and to top it off, after gymnastics was over, I found softball. I saw today Cat Osterman pitched a no hitter...MAYBE IF I HAD TIVO, I COULD HAVE WATCHED IT!!!! I prefer living in the prehistoric fossil age, thank you.

So back into a routine. I had soccer tonight, Chel got to go and chase her ball like a psycho. It was cooler than normal and cloudy, so no sun, and Chel just had a great time. She seems to be over her issue, whatever it was, and is now resting on one of her beds in the basement. We will be resting on the bed shortly - and in the bed with our eyes closed shortly after that!

We hope this finds everyone well.


the youngbergs said...

So glad you had a good first day at work. And btw---it's ok if you come to the dark side and get a Tivo!! Come on....I dare you.

The Scotts said...

Seriously...don't be afraid. You'll fall in love.