Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jam Packed Weekend...

Seems like I am always running around like a nut case on the weekend. This past weekend was no different.

On Saturday, I again played the role of "Ultimate Sub" on Natalie's softball teams. We played at a tourney down in Groveport - beautiful fields, right next to a newly built YMCA in the middle of upper NOWHERE!!! They also had a really nice pool there as well. Unfortunately, as it was a new park, there was not a tree in sight. I told Chelsie she needed to thank her mom for leaving her home. Our first game was a forfeit, we won the second game and lost 3-2 in the final. Yeah, that's right, a slow pitch game with a score of 3-2. The balls they use in this league are awful, seem all mushy and like they don't go anywhere. Maybe I am used to the livelihood of the little ball we use on Thursday night...Did I mention it was HOTTER THAN HOLY MOLY out there?

After that, I ran home to do yard work. My yard was a mess and needed some good TLC. On Friday night, I had a really good time repairing my weed eater with my parents - ok, so not really, but thankfully we got it mostly fixed and I got the right part on Saturday to make it work. I worked my butt off in the yard for the next 4 hrs, but it was worth it, I was happy with the end result.

On Sunday, I had soccer at 4 and was again subbing for Natalie at 5:30 for softball. I ran around like a nut case before that...to the mall, to the grocery, new soccer cleats, gas, cleaned the house, did laundry...and then it POURED on us at soccer. Did I mention it was lightning and thundering? And that something caused a tree behind one of the fields to make a suspicious CRACKING SOUND? Looking south to where the softball field was, it was black. As I got closer to the fields, it started pouring and about that time was when Nat called and said the game had been cancelled. I knew there was no way we were going to play - carrying metal bats with lightning around might not be the brightest thing to do - but I still had to go over there anyway. After my shower, I sat on the couch and watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

No wonder I am tired.

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