Sunday, August 17, 2008

Q for A Cure

This weekend, the theme at our trial was "Q for A Cure". The trial was sponsored by the Central Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Association, and was in honor of two members of the Central Ohio Sheltie family that passed away in the last year from cancer. One was a club member who had 5 shelties and the other was a breeder used by several people who compete at our trials. Shelties and border collies are the top 2 breeds most often seen in agility competition. Light and fast on their feet, one can hardly believe how fast they can move - unlike my big, deep chested, blocky girl. I will take her over one of those breeds any day...she is so much quieter than they are!!!

Our contribution to Q for a Cure was 5 for 9 - so $5. To get her MACH title, she needs to have 20 double Q's - meaning she needs to qualify in her standard and jumpers run in the same day 20 times, to show she is consistent. This weekend was our first opportunity to get a double Q, and we got one on 2 of 3 days. Saturday was the only exception - and it was a jumpers run, go figure. This particular course was the only course I have been in during a competition where I was concerned about getting lost...and with good reason. I was out of position and corrected myself...right was she was going over a jump. Mom's fault, as usual. We were 0-3 on FAST runs, but they were tough this weekend and she still ran well. Overall, I am very, very happy with how she is running. Very, very consistent - I am so proud of her. She is one tired pooch...I let her run hard on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, so she was tired from the get go - ran 4 seconds faster on Saturday than Friday. But she had so much fun chasing her ball those nights, I would never not allow her that pleasure.

We hope everyone had a good I need to go wash the mulch and sweat off me....

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