Monday, August 11, 2008

USA GOLD - 4 X 100 Men's Freestyle Relay

If I see nothing else in the Olympics, I am convinced I saw an Olympic moment second to none tonight when the US men 4 X 100 meter freestyle men's relay team came from behind to beat the French team in the finals, who were supposedly going to "smash" them. I actually came off the couch and screamed when they won! (I think Chel thought I was nuts) I also thought Michael Phelps was going to have a heart attack from screaming the way he did. Totally awesome - they completed outhearted the French, because at the turn in the last leg, I think they were one second behind. They also SMASHED the world record, as did 5 of the 8 teams in the final - I think the US beat it by 4 seconds and set a new Olympic and world record. So much fun to watch - but it is killing me already. You bet I stayed up to watch that medal ceremony!!



the youngbergs said...

I was emotional.

The Tuckers said...

I am so sad to have missed it live! I have watched the re-runs and it gave me goose bumps! I am going to DVR the rest of the nights, I can't stay up late anymore