Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What is Love?

Love is 65 lbs of a 4 legged black furry creature standing on the bed, hugging you - and trying to bite your left ear off.

Tonight, I redeemed myself as a dog mom. Monday night I had an alumni happy hour for Deloitte and last night a Varsity O meeting - both nights had me home after 9PM (grammy and grampie helped out, she was not at home crossing her legs - every one of my readers should know better). I made up for it tonight - she got to chase her ball at soccer, and then we walked a lap around the facility at the Cleveland Av soccer fields. The term "lap" is deceiving, it is about 1.5 miles. She even got to chase her ball during the lap.

When we got home, I was giving her a hard time about "going to bed" - she destroyed the pillow arrangement on the bed today (yes, all 11 of them). I invited her up on the bed to pet her, and next thing I knew, her front paws were on my shoulders and I was trying to keep my left ear safely attached to my head. When Chel gets excited, she feels the need to nibble your left ear - only your left one - with her front teeth. Believe it or not, it frggin hurts! Anyway, we shared a few moments of bonding, and I removed the pillows from the bed to allow her to go to her "spot".

Based on the fact she is passed out next to me, I would say her dog needs have been met for the night and that is a relatively happy camper. Where do I find a caretaker like me????

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