Monday, September 8, 2008

Recent Home Improvements

I am thinking that maybe "improvements" is too strong of a word - I think the word improvements implies ripping things out, gutting...there was DEFINITELY none of that involved.
First upgrade is a flat screen in the bedroom. I had the TV from when I lived in So Cal...I think I got it when it was 12. It was this big TV that sat on the armoire - and sort of overtook the room. This is a 26 inch Vizio LCD - my mega Costco purchase. A shout goes out to Natalie M for alerting me to Costco's electronics selection (TV was $100 cheaper at Costco than all the major box stores). Another shout out to Natalie and Jeff for putting it on the wall for me - trust me, they are future HGTV Stars in the making.

Maybe this will push me over the edge to HD TV and a DVR? Don't hold your breath.
Since I no longer have a headboard, I decided that $14 was a cheap alternative to make my bed more interesting - the lifts raise it up 7 inches. It is a long way up for Chelsie, we will see how it works out. They also have 5 inch lifts, and I am thinking that might be a better solution. I made sure to get the nightstand in the picture so you can see how much taller the bed is now. Maybe I will sleep better in it?

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The Monroes said...

we were glad to do it, our 300 bill is in the mail ;) The place looks great Nic!