Thursday, September 11, 2008

TGIF - Thursday Night Burn Out

Its funny how your body knows when the fall is coming. During the summer, I LOVE being active, being outside, playing ball, etc - but tonight, this Thursday night, I am completely wiped out. Maybe because it is dark when I get up and then dark at like 7:30? I was literally mowing the front yard in the dark the other night - would not have been surprised if there had been a big miss there....

This week was a go, go, go week...Monday we did Dodd, Tuesday yard work, Wednesday soccer and agility, tonight softball (thankfully only one game) I am definitely looking forward to weekday soccer and softball ending. I will probably play three days of indoor soccer in the winter, but 2 of those 3 days will be Friday and Sunday - it is the weeknight stuff that is killing me. Did I mention I was working in between?

Chel was an active participant in all the activities as well. I would say that Wednesday was her most active day, chasing the ball at soccer and then on to agility. Mom rewarded her with some Timbits on the way home, the empty peanut butter jar and then the empty yogurt container from getting her kongs ready.

The remains of the peanut butter jar. When she has the jar and I walk anywhere near her, she turns and walks away from me. One time, she even took the jar on the bed. I drew the line there and told her to get that thing off MY bed.

What happens when you run around chasing your ball like a complete psycho. The toy she is laying on was supposed to be for her cousin - it was on the counter so my parents would know to take it home. Now, granted, Chel did win this toy at the agility trial this weekend (you get a toy for every Q) but being as we have 2 laundry baskets full of toys, giving one to her cousin was not going to hurt anything - apparently, she did not agree. My mom called and asked - Was the green moon toy for Ella, because it is in your bedroom! This incident further supports the necessity for my OCD tendencies surrounding housekeeping. I have a counter surfer...There was some sort of insect buzzing around her head tonight that caused her to dive under the coffee table...I was sure she was going to bonk her head, but she didn't. Good thing the slate tables are harder than her head.

I think I have finally become smart enough to figure out how to put a video in here. Note the complete focus and determination here - all while laying on her black kong. I love how she uses her paw to position the jar, so she can stick her whole face in the jar, literally...hopefully, grammie can use this as evidence to grampie that she is not starving...I never knew plastic was so appetizing!

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