Saturday, October 25, 2008

Making things simple...

Today, I took a much needed day off. I have been burning the candle at both ends as of late, and just needed a break. I was asked to play on another soccer team, and am actually considering saying no - or that I would do it just part time. Big step. :)

I spent most of the day just getting crap done. Probably the most important issue that was resolved today had to do with the removal of something that was causing great pain on my big toe. I don't know why I waited this long to take care of it - I was out of the doctor's office in 30 minutes...and actually, the darn thing is sill numb in a few places. I liked this doctor - she said it was no problem to play soccer tonight if I could tolerate it. Wore a sneaker on the right foot and my cleat on the left, and bowed out gracefully with 12 minutes to play. The girls on their team were just chasing me around (man to man coverage) and I HATE when that happens. I am convinced I am in better shape than most out there even at this early stage of the season, so I just run them around in circles. :) They get annoyed, and so do I, because those are the types of games where I don't get to touch the ball very much.

Probably the primary focus of the day was just trying to simplify my life for my upcoming month. November is turning into a crazy busy month, and this is really the last weekend I have to get ready for it, before it is here full swing. Got the oil changed on the car and the tires rotated. Picked up dry cleaning. Got fully stocked up on hair product - ladies, you know this is a necessity, besides, I had a coupon and got $40 off. Getting cut, color and brow wax tomorrow. Went through travel toiletries to make sure I had what plenty of what I needed. Brought shredder upstairs to deal with mail in a more timely manner - I am paranoid about shredding anything with my name and address on it and can't stand the mail piling up. Set timer on microwave light so I my poor bean is not in the dark. Tomorrow will entail cleaning and some more crap being thrown away, so I am not coming home to clutter. You all know that a mess causes me to become bipolar.

So happy day off to me. I was able to get some shut eye later in the little bean actually let me cuddle with her. She is going with Uncle Joey tomorrow, as he will be up here and volunteered to take her home so I don't have to try and get to Marysville on Sunday - because I have soccer at 11:40, 2:30 and 5. :) Love it.

And finally, one little thought of gratitude - I was especially grateful tonight for having my garage. When the weather is crappy as it is tonight, it is SO NICE to pull into a nice, dry garage.

Have a great weekend! Go Bucks, beat PSU!

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The Quisenberrys said...

Where do you get a 40% off coupon for hair care is what I want to know!?