Sunday, October 5, 2008

NADAC Weekend

This weekend, we competed in a NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) trial. Three years ago, this trial was our first trial...and on our very first run, we crashed into each other and I fell in the mulch. But we got up and finished the run. I am happy to report that I managed to stay on my feet this weekend - almost went down once in the mulch, but my amazing athletic prowess allowed me to stay on my feet.

We were 6 for 12 this weekend. A few things happened this weekend I did not care for - she inexplicably pulled out of the weaves on one run, and we knocked way too many bars down. A few of those were clearly MOMMY'S FAULT but a few I could not pinpoint anything I had done to cause the bar to fall. (Grammie records her runs on the video camera) On the whole, she ran her little heart out for me and we had a great time. We ran in 5 different events this weekend, and that was fun. Chelsie did not budge when the alarm went off this morning..neither did I for that matter. She is currently in her "I AM EXHAUSTED LEAVE ME ALONE" position - on her side, body and paws slightly curled. I will refrain from playing with her toes at this exact moment...

One of my favorite things about NADAC is the support this venue gives to jr handlers. Case in point, Rachel and Cessy. Rachel is 9 yrs old and trains with our club - great kid. She was so patient with this dog that had the "zoomies" as we call it. This dog ran all over the place, dug in the mulch, would not come to her - and the judge was awesome. She knew it was their first trial, and she went out and helped this precious little girl. This morning on the jumpers run, they got to jump 5 and Cessy started digging. The judge got up to help her get going...apparently, Cessy had found some sort of stick in the mulch and wanted it. After a few seconds of messing around, the judge got the stick from the dog and gave it to Rachel. Cessy was then willing to do whatever Rachel wanted her to do, and they finished the run (did not count for any points to her title) The crowd cheered. In tunnelers, Rachel got her through 7 of 11 tunnels and was able to stop the digging - got her all the way to tunnel 11 and Cessy ran by it. Rachel was able to get her back and get her through the tunnel - and the crowd went nuts. I am not sure what kind of ribbon she got - placement, qualifying score - but I saw her later with Cessy and she had attached the ribbon to Cessy's collar. She was so proud of that ribbon.

The judge was great with kids but on the whole, clearly not one of my favorites. Yesterday, I barely got home for the game AT 8PM...I usually get home by 6 at the latest. Day dragged out, my feet, back and whole body for that matter are killing me. But we had fun.

My Buckeyes pulled out a close one...when the line parts like the Red Sea and ol' Terrelle gets going, you will have a hard time stopping him, just ask the Badger defense!

We hope everyone had a great weekend!

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