Saturday, December 13, 2008

Facebook & Old College Roomies

So, a few mos ago, I got roped into Facebook...I am not big into it, I don't poke people, throw snowballs or chickens at them or anything like that (although I have had a chicken thrown at me, thank you very much Dean!!!) But I have reconnected with many people I went to college with, most of them my athlete friends.

A few weeks ago, I got back in touch with one of my old college roomies, Tracey. Tracey was from Philly and played field hockey. We lived at 232 W 9th Av, Apt D - and what a place it was...we thought it was great, but in all reality it was probably disgusting, just like all college apartments were. I knew Tracey was still in the Columbus area - I randomly ran into her and her 2 sons in Dublin Kroger of all places probably 4 yrs ago. Well, she finds me on Facebook a few weeks ago and we start communicating and what not...and then, she found one of our other college roomies and one of my former teammates, Jen. So we all start communicating and decide we should get together, and today was the appointed day. We met at Tracey's house in Milford Center - Jen is living in Kentucky, working in Cinci so she drove up to my house and then we went out to Tracey's.

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive...I was very excited, but still nervous at the same time. For all my gentle readers that do not have history on this situation, let's just say a few mos into our junior year, I moved out of the apartment under some circumstances out of my control, and sort of lost touch with them. It was the best thing at the time, but I was really sad - I had lived in the dorms with both of them, and we had a lot of fun. But the circumstances of the situation, which I would rather not get into, left me in a somewhat difficult situation, esp with Jen because she was one of my teammates until this whole little scenario arose (no one was arrested, did any drugs, or anything illegal like that, for the record).

If I had to describe Jen, I would say she is just a really good person - and I was so glad to see the Jen I knew all those years ago today. She has really done well for herself, personally and professionally. She and her partner are raising her partner's 11 yr old daughter from a previous relationship, and it was funny to hear Jen talking about school districts, grades, homework, how she flipped out on Caylee when she got a C on her report card and Caylee told her that was average (Jen's response - I AM NOT RAISING YOU TO BE AVERAGE!!) I wondered if there would be the any resentment about what happened so long ago - esp when she saw my buckeye room which has my bat, my varsity jacket, etc in it, but no trace of any resentment at all...

Tracey is a stay at home mom with three kids - 2 boys and a darling little girl. Eric, Tracey's husband, is returning from Iraq on Friday, and Tracey has been on her own for nearly a year with all three kids. She is so patient and is such a good mom..and looks freaking fantastic for having three kids. I ended up losing touch with Tracey because she still lived in the old place, and was sort of in a rough spot in the whole situation as well. I still saw her over at Woody Hayes, but not as often, as field hockey had a different competitive season than we did.

Overall, it was great to talk and catch up...the day flew by, literally. We made a promise not to wait another 12 years to get together again, and I told Tracey she needed to come up for a girls night out...her response? "Twist my arm"...the same response we got all those years ago when we were trying to convince her to do something. It was funny to see where we have all ended up...probably not in the place we thought we would, but hey, we are all doing fine and we all turned out OK.

The world gets smaller every day...and I am greatful for that in this situation, as I now have 2 of my dear college friends back in my life!!!

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