Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Like Owner, Like Dog

This morning, I was in my usual routine of drying my hair while watching the Today show. They were doing a piece about having an evacuation plan in the event your house catches fire. During the piece, a smoke alarm was going off - even on the tv, I found it to be deafening. For those of you that have watched TV with me, you know that I am don't particularly care for loud noises coming from the TV...I usually mute the commercials (yes, I know if I have DVR I would not have to deal with the commercials) Well, I found out this morning that my little bean is irritated by noise from the TV as well. When that smoke detector started going off on the tv, she came down off the bed, tail REALLY between her legs, looking around to see what was making the holy racket. I finally had to put the TV on mute, and she came running over for comfort. I actually had to turn off the hair dryer to console her and convince her it was OK to get back up on the bed.

Like owner, like dog. Scary.

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Becky said...

Welcome home - glad you had smooth travels. Chel sounds adorable!