Sunday, December 28, 2008

QQ vs 0-2 & BBQ

Well, let's just say that yesterday was a better agility day from a results perspective than today. Yesterday, we got our 6th double Q - with a whopping 5 MACH pts and today we got ZERO q's!!! She ran so freakin slow through the weaves yesterday on her jumpers run that at one point I actually said to her..."Good god, hurry up out here!"

Although our results do not reflect how well we ran today, I could not be more proud of her. Today's bobble in the std run was the result of mom sending her into the weaves at full acceleration...she made the entrance, but at about pole 4, could no longer manage her body to get through the poles. She skipped 2 but reentered....we were already done at that point so we just kept on going. Video assistance provided me great information about what had gone wrong...and as usual, it was "Praise the dog, slap the handler". She knocked the last bar on the triple in her jumpers run - someone has made a potential suggestion about why that happened, and I will review the video evidence tomorrow. My mom graciously records her runs when she comes, and it is very helpful. One look at the video today of our std run and I said to myself, Yep, that is why she came out.

Please keep our friends Janet and Jessica in your thoughts. After the show yesterday, their six year old border collie Ruckus developed bloat very suddenly (think Marley & Me) and they were unable to do anything for him. Jessica, 18, was a trooper today and was on course running her dog, Pistol. Can't rightly say if I would have been able to do that...

Tomorrow is another day, so we will be back at it full steam. We hope everyone is still able to enjoy a few days off from the holidays!

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