Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Heart Dog Day Care

2009 is supposed to be about being nicer to myself, and today, Chelsie was the beneficiary of this motto.

The past week has been incredibly busy...had a lot going on at work, working on the basement (two of my workers is leaving for Florida and 2 cruises tomorrow - can you guess who they are???) and soccer absolutely ran me ragged last week. We had only one female sub for all three games, and every game, shall we say, tested my physical fitness via running in sprint form from one end of the field to another. Top that off with me deciding last week to really push myself at the gym..and I am a tired puppy.

The cold weather has come back...and I am routinely picking up dozens of toys off the floor. I am cold, tired and tired of the cold. In conjunction with my motto of being nicer to myself, I sent Chelsie to dog day care so I would not feel guilty about not walking her when she came home...as it has literally been a week since she had gotten any exercise. Some of you may think that I am silly...but my little bean is very active and is much better when she is tired.

She got a good report today - she had the "romp and roll" box checked in the "plays with others" category and "rested quietly in her crate" during rest period. When I got there to pick her up, the girl said "Oh, Chelsie is such a good girl" I agree, she is! (not that I am biased!)

AND...she is passed out on the floor on her side...and I did not have to freeze my a** off in the cold to get her that way. Well worth it.


Becky said...

So glad doggie day care went well. Sounds fabulous - glad she got high marks! Yes, Cricket is going to get a new doggie bed for her anniversary gift!

The Monroes said...

Totally worth it, especially in this weather!