Friday, February 27, 2009

Why I Never Played Basketball

Tonight at soccer, my face crossed paths with some guy's elbow. Seems as though I just at the perfect height where about the only thing someone's elbow could hit would be my face. Now, in the guy's defense, he had no idea I was there and felt really bad after it happened...but that is of little consolation to me as I have a pretty decent headache and it is pretty obvious I got hit in the face. Nothing is broken, so that is always a good thing. I am just hoping my eyes don't turn black. And we have agility in the morning....seriously? How embarrassing....

This is why I never played basketball.


Becky said...

Oh - I'm so sorry. No picture to post? Hope your head feels better soon.

The Monroes said...

Hope you don't have a shiner! Oh and if you had played basketball, you would not have gotten the elbow (you would have been more prepared to defend yourself and your eyes!)
Hope it is feeling better now.