Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Agility Photos and a Shout out to my Softball Buckeyes

Today, my friend Mike came with us to our competition. He usually runs his dogs, but was not entered this weekend. One of his hobbies is taking photos, and he shot photos of the big dogs today on their Std runs. The weaves were a great place to take photos, as the puppies ran straight at where he was sitting. He gave me sneak preview of of couple he had of them, because I can see she is having fun.

It should be noted we Q'ed in this run, but that she DID NOT SPOT on her dogwalk. We practiced that for her run tomorrow. We did not Q on he jumpers got lost for a second right before the most difficult part of the course, and well, we were done after that. Error on the handler. But I was very, very proud of her...and we will try again tomorrow.

Ripping her entry into the weaves....actually, a very difficult entry. This was a straight entry with a lot of speed and we were using 22 inch distance poles this weekend. We have been using 24 distance poles, and for the big dogs, that 2 inches between the poles can make a difference, especially on this type of entry when the dogs are approaching the weaves with a ton of speed. They really have to "collect" to negotiate their way through . She did a great job on the entry and exit in this run - we had a straight line to the A frame (off to the right) when she finished her poles.

Absolutely love this photo...very focused on her last 2 poles, but having so much fun.

Also, congratulations to my Softball Buckeyes on a 10-0 win over Wisconsin. They were on the Big 10 network today and will also be on tomorrow. These girls take their cuts and don't get cheated. It is so wonderful to see them doing well - they are really playing well. They still have some big, big conference games left - Michigan and Northwestern, so let the "playing well" streak continue. What I see as the biggest difference in this team is that they are really capitalizing on opportunities given to them by their opponents and are winning the games they should win. GO BUCKS!