Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manic Wednesday

Hello fellow canines and humans,

Well, as usual, it has been a crazy week around here. I don't know how mom does it...she runs us around like a crazy everywhere! I at least get to stay home and sleep, but she has to go work. She keeps bugging me to get a job, but so far, I have managed to avoid it.

After a lot of time away from Dodd, I have returned to my normal schedule of visiting on Wedensday night over the past 2 weeks. Tonight, I saw a lot of nice people and a lot of my favorite nurses. We had to park in the garage, because it looked like rain - we have been parking in a lot across the street. Mom does not have a proper B pass, which could mean CURTAINS if OSU Traffic and Parking ever went through that lot, but so far, so good.

Probably my most interesting visitor tonight was a young man named Sky. Sky was a nice young boy visiting his grandfather. When we walked in, mom noted the cast on his hand and asked what happened. Apparently he had been in a fight. Mom asked him if that stopped him from his lacrosse and he said yes (he had on his lacrosse T shirt) and he said he would not get in a fight again. He said his mom was madder than his dad, and that was a good thing! His grandfather asked him to find the Reds game on TV for him, and he found it. I left them watching the Reds game.

After visitng, I had class. My class is very fun and I did very well tonight. Mom made me do rear crosses, which the both of us hate, but we did them. I also got my first taste of a doggie massage. A few weeks ago after softball, my hips were really stiff and sore cuz I got too wound up from chasing my kong. Mom got me some medicine and made me rest, but has been on my case about it since. She had the messus look at my hips tonight, and Maria said they were a "train wreck". Mom has been instructed to massage my hips to try and get the muscle spasms out, and then I will get the full monty on Saturday. Not even the human gets a massage...and she goes to work to earn the $$$ to pay for it!

Waffle, Cricket and Coral - I got a new bed this weekend. It is not a pretty, fluffy princess bed like you guys have. You fill mine up with water - and the water helps cool me down and is supposed to be good for my joints. Mom placed my new bed strategically so I could rest my head on the AC vent and my body on my new bed. Rumor has is it I have a new pad in my crate too. I will get to find out, as I have a compeition this weekend.

Well, my human says lights out, so lights out. Sleep tight!!!

Very Sincerely,

The Chelsonator


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Chelsie, what a lucky dog you are! A massage, new bed, and new pad, too! But I know you deserve every nicety your mama gives you. You'll find a way to repay her! Hope you recuperate quickly.

Becky said...

That is such a wonderful thing you do to visit at the hospital - What a blessing for those you visit! Your bed sounds very interesting and hope you feel better soon.