Friday, June 5, 2009

Follow Up Visit to Doctor

Today marks three weeks since I had my surgery, and I had a follow up visit with my doctor (or Dave as he prefers to be called). He was very happy with my progress, and asked how I was doing. I told him the procedure was "as advertised" - that in three weeks my life had see a dramatic improvement. I told him I had never been able to breathe like this, and that I felt better because I was sleeping better. He told me I looked great (duh - like I didn't know that!!!!) and that my nose was healing nicely. I came within seconds of being discharged until I asked him to look at my right ear...

He asked what happened, did it hurt...all that good stuff. I responded to every question he asked "You look and you tell me". He looked and commented that it appeared as though I had a small hole in my ear drum that was healing. I then fessed up to my MAD wakeboarding skills. He laughed and told me I needed a hearing test. I have to go back on Monday for my hearing test and in 6 weeks for a follow up.

Hard to believe my life has improved so much - I never would have thought trying to get to the bottom of sensitive teeth would have changed my life so much, but it has. I feel very lucky to have medical professionals who were committed to helping me.

Chelsie also went to the doctor today - needed her rabies and distemper shots. This was important, as without them, she can't visit. Tomorrow, it is my intention to get up and go visit our hospice patient, so I am hoping she is rested and recovered in the morning. She was very good for Dr. Bando and was rewarded nicely with cookies for a job well done. Then we came home and bonded over a nap for awhile. :)

Let's everyone get outside and enjoy the beautiful weekend!


Becky said...

Okay, your blog has changed! Just took me forever to find where the post comment was! Got it now! I am SO happy that you have seen such improvements -- that is SO awesome!! Yeah! Enjoy your weekend.

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

So great that you are able to breathe a little easier. :) Hopefully, your hearing will follow suit. Glad Chelsie's shots are boilerplate items. Have a nice weekend with Chels!