Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation - Day 1

Um, ok - does anyone know what the heck is wrong with the weather in Ohio this July? We have the coolest July on record so far. I am really annoyed by it, honestly - it is literally going to rain for the next 5 days! Puts a real damper on Cedar Point and boating plans. It has been raining since 4PM this afternoon...the only thing I can think of at this point is what fun it will be cutting my grass when all of this is done... one of vacation did not start until after 10AM. It was so wonderful to sleep in. My cousin and the kids got her Tuesday night - we went to dinner and somehow, our car happened to detour at Graeters! It has been an early morning, as they had a 6AM flight out of Sacramento, so all were exhausted last night. Because the weather was crappy, we hung out with John, Karla, Kaitlyn and Conor all afternoon, and then headed to Texas Raodhouse for our annual dinner there. After that, off to agility for some COURSES! The girls love to watch Chelsie's agility. Poor Chelsie had a rough day...all this activity in her house - and 2 babies. She got stepped on by Kaitlyn all day, and at 4PM, walked into the bedroom and pretty much passed out. To add insult to injury, she did not get breakfast until 10:30...cuz mom was tired and needed to sleep!

Tomorrow's plans include a trip to Polaris...hopefully, I can find some freakin are a few photos from day 1. Enjoy!

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Becky said...

Fun~! Sleepin in is the best! Have a good day 2 of vaca