Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chelsie Update

This afternoon, I left Chelsie at Medvet, her surgery will be tomorrow. The people were very nice, and the tech that took her wanted to know if it was OK to give her treats during her stay. Of course, I said yes.

As my vet predicted, the procedure they recommended was not the procedure he recommended. I saw pictures of both, and felt that the procedure my vet recommended was the one I still wanted to go with. Dr. Kennedy, the surgeon, agreed this was an appropriate procedure and feels she will have a great recovery. He is very happy with the physical shape she is in at nearly 8 years old.

What I did not know was how limited her activity would be after the surgery. Essentially, she will either be in a crate or on a least for 6 weeks - and I mean, she will literally have to be leashed as soon as she comes out of her crate. This is far from ideal, but the healing time is critical and controlling her movement is of vital importance.

So we are off. I will get her back on Thursday afternoon. I have been warned that her leg will look a little ugly and she will be doped up and out of it, but as long as she is my house with me, I don't care...it is already so quiet and lonely here....

I will keep everyone posted as to how she is doing!


Becky said...

Sending love and prayers to you and Chelsie and the dr. Keep us posted.

Brittany said...

I am sure that Chelsie will do great in surgery. I can't even imagine trying to keep Hobbs THAT quiet for 6 weeks!

It would be great if you could send me some novice AKC courses! That is one of the venues I am thinking of trialing in. You can just email it to me at brittany_ricks(at)hotmail(dot)com