Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A letter from Chelsie Belle

Dear Eggo, Cricket, Cabana, Oreo and all freinds (canine and humans alike),

Well, I am almost a week post surgery. Last Tuesday, mom had the nerve to take me to a new vet and leave me there...when I woke up, I was in pain, half shaved and in some run that was clearly NOT my mom's bed - having not eaten in 24 hrs, as my surgery was delayed due to incoming emergencies. Since then, I have endured the crate (with and without my inflatbale ecollar) am attached to someone with a leash when I am not in my crate, have been forced to potty with a leash attached to me and have been relegated to my gentle leader. SERIOUSLY?

All things being equal, what I can say is that my leg seems to work now. It is a little stiff when I get up, but my mom says that is to be expected, because I have plates and screws holding it together. I am very happy to get fresh air on my walks...yesterday, gramma and grampa did yard work for mom and I went outside and laid in my crate so I could be with them. I tolerate my gentle leader and am usually rewarded with a few Charlee Bears....I also tolderate my range of motion exercises and the ice. I much prefer the heat, but the swelling in my ankle is gone so I don't know how much more heat I will be getting.

I am very greatful for gramma and grampa...they come and spend time with me so I don't have to wear my ecollar, even though gramma walked in on me when I was asleep with it on in the I guess I really can't fool anyone any more. I do love having them here with me...either I sleep at their feet or sleep in my house, sans the ecollar. Then mom comes home and bonds with me all night!

I see Dr. Kennedy on Tuesday, which means longer walks and more fresh air on Wedensday. No more ice after that either, so that is good. I see the rehab team on 11/17 for my assessment to see how I am using my leg.

This afternoon, mom took pity on me and brought me some timbits. She said I better enjoy them, because I can't have these so much any more...not until my leg heals and I can exercise. She let granmda be the hero and give them to me. I am finishing up my last ice pack of the day, will get my dinner and then enjoy the World Series from my house while resting.

Thank you again to Adam, Keisa and Oreo for my get well card. I hope mom goes and gets me a new toy soon.

Very Sincerely,

Chelsie Belle


Carrie and Waffle said...

awwee Chelsie Belle
sounds like you are finally on the mend too bad about ths shaved leg thing maybe your grandma could knit you a leg warmer ;). But really before you know it you'll be back out in the fresh air.

take things slow you don't want to end up back at the vet. You don't want to go there again. Remember while you are the Princess you don't want to be know as Princess Hop-A-Long.
waggs and kisses

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Dear Chelsie Belle,

A week goes by fast! I hope the rest of the weeks will fly by. Tell your mom you need lots of new toys--you gotta milk this for all it's worth!!


Becky said...

Yes! Glad to hear your princess status is continuing and that you are doing as well as possible. I was stuck in a mindfulness conference all day today (boring) with Becky. Keep getting better and getting spoiled! Love, Cricker Girl