Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still Doing Well

We are still doing well...still sticking to our walk, range of motion, ice and heat routine, despite our busy weekend of the Tuckers, tailgating and football game.

Huge thanks to grandma and grandpa, who came to babysit during all of our activities so Chel would not have to wear her ecollar. She still really hates the ecollar, even the inflatable one I bought. And unfortunately for her, I have caught her going after her incision twice. This afternoon, grandma suggested that perhaps Chelsie might like to rest on the I dragged the ramp into the house and she walked up her ramp to the bed. She is still on leash on the bed, in case she loses her little labbie brains and tries to jump off. I don't think she will, but no way I am taking that chance. I do think she is very much enjoying her time on the bed.

Here are some photos...overall, doing very, very well. Swelling in ankle down, incision looks great considering and she is walking amazingly well considering she just had her knee rebuilt!!!


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Whoa, the poor sweetie, that's a lot of staples! I'm glad she's doing okay, though, and that she gets to lounge on the bed. Nothing makes you feel more pampered than that!

Carrie and Waffle said...

Hey Hop a long - sorry couldn't resist :) glad to hear that you are getting better and I am sorry about the 'cone of shame'. The peeps really don't understand how much it sucks to wear a lampshade on their heads. silly humans. At least you are on the bed and have wonderful grandparents who love you. Peanut butter mmmmm mmmmmm

get better soon
your e-doggy pal

OSU 98 said...

Dear Eggo,

My staples come out next Tuesday at 12:30. Apparently my grandma is on her way to get this thing off me, take me for a walk and give me a friggin treat for my suffering....