Thursday, December 10, 2009

Highlight of the Week

So it has been an up and down week...just sort of there. And freezing...miserable cold.

I have to walk Chelsie for rehab, and there was no way I was going out tonight. It was 19 before the wind chill. No, no and NO way was I going out. So I asked Belinda if I could use her treadmill - Chelsie did ok on it...but it still made me nervous. She was a little panicky on it, and sudden movements are not good for her little knee, so please pray for warmer weather where I can actually walk her.

So off we troop to B's...where I was greeted with the most amazing little greeters...Bryce and Teagan!!! Bryce looked so grown up tonight, and Teagan loves her big brother and wants to do what he does. Tonight, I taught Bryce how to leave treats on Chelsie's paws and then tell her it was ok to eat them. He told her to "leave it" and then put them on her paws..he started out with one paw and then saw me put them on both paws and wanted to try it. So proud of him, he mastered the skill in his first night! I also put a treat in Teagan's hand, and showed her how to give it to Chelsie. The look on her little face was priceless when Chelsie took the treat out of her hand!

After treats, it was bath time, so we trooped up and supervised bath time. Chelsie has to be in the bathroom with the kids during bath time...and I mean right there - like her nose is almost over the tub. She sits like a nice puppy should during bath...and I sure somewhere in B's bathroom, Chelsie's fur is the gift that keeps on givng.

The highlight of the week was definitely my evening Bryce and little buggers!! (and I guess Mark and Belinda too!) They are growing up so fast....Every time I see Bryce, he looks taller and Teagan's vocabulary and communication is changing by leaps and bounds. We are working on her saying "Cole" and "Chelsie Belle".

My little buggers rock...they definitely made a cold, dreary night a happier night!

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