Monday, February 8, 2010

Still here...

So, yep, we are still here...thankfully, my boss was insistent that my co-worker and I come home on Thursday from Lexington - and it was a good thing we did. The snow started on Friday and was coming down in big, heavy, wet flakes. The roads downtown were not bad, but by the time I got home, I probably had 6+ inches on the driveway. I decided NOT to run over it, parked my car in the street and tromped thri the snow to go in and change and shovel. Two hours later, I finally moved my car in the garage - shoveling wet, heavy snow just absolutely sucks. I will post pictures. For good measure, it continued snowing while I was shoveling and I had as much, if not more on Satruday morning. I fussed and grumbled and said all kinds of inappropriate things...from "this is a man's job" to "this sucks" to "I am getting a snowblower at the end of this season". My street is currently a sheet of ice and mother nature is supposed to bless us with more of her bounty tomorrow - 8 to 10 inches of it. Fabulous.

Part of why I am so miserable is that my hands freeze - no matter what I have on them. My fingers literally turn white, and hurt when the feeling comes back in them. The pad of my left ring finger was swollen for 2 days after shoveling on Firday, and my hands are interesting shades of red and purple from being so cold. UGH. A man's job.

The dogs, however, are in love with the snow. I took them out with me on Saturday and let them run around while I shoveled. I have to be careful letting the BC out, sometimes he loses his brain and goes in the street. Not a good dog. But he had his frisbee to play with - when my little brat was not taking it away from him. She loved the snow too, and I let her run around in it quite a bit - definitely the most movement I have allowed her since her injury. I was afraid I had let her over do it...but she was fine. I also let them out tonight for a little while and they loved it again. Both got to work for treats tonight too, so they were happy.

Saturday night I went sledding with the Quisenberry's..actually I watched more than anything. Again my hands were frozen and I could barely move. We went to dinner after and then I went back to their house to play Mario Kart with Bryce. Sunday was chores and a Superbowl party and today was work. Long day...and I will be going to bed soon.

And finally...litter of puppies scheduled to be born Sunday or Monday of next week. Amber, the mom, is hanging tough. The breeder says she seems increasingly uncomfortable, and that when Amber stretches out, she can see active little puppies moving around. Still don't know if I will get one, it just depends on what she has and what the people ahead of me want. This seems to be a nice breeding, so we will see. If I get one, it was meant to be, if not, it wasn't. I am really enjoying the change in training routine with Chelsie right now and the fact the she feels the need to closely bond with her mom.

Hope everyone is doing well. :)


Becky said...

Ah, sweet Chels. Glad you are enjoying your time together. Sounds like you are getting pounded with snow -- wow! We are having unusually warm - spring like weather this week. Crazy but enjoying it.

The Tuckers said...

You need really good winter gloves! And a snow blower... as I am driving to work in the snow again, I am thinking that I am done with all of this!