Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad Blogger....Again

So I have not been the greatest blogger as of here is the 411.

1. My dad had his hip replaced last Wendesday. According to him, he didn't need it. His doctor disagreed...the hip was "a mess" (I was there when the doctor said this) All went well for the most part, he is still working through a few things, but each day seems to get better and the pain is a different pain. He will get physical therapy at home 3X per week for the next three weeks and has a follow up in 6 weeks. I am going to fertilize his lawn and plant his bulbs this weekend with my mom. I will probably take him some flowers too...I definitely get my love of flowers from Big Bill.

2. Part of the reason for my bad blogging is because I have been sick. I even called the cute doctor and got some medicine..and added Mucinex and Robitussin to the mix last night. I had an appointment with the rheumatologist last week, and I will continue the medication for 3 more mos. This is a medicine that requires time to work, and they will evaluate my blood count in June. I have been having minor episodes of the rash on my legs, but compared to what they were, this is nothing. Hopefully, the weather stays nice and I will feel better soon.

3. The end of the era has come and gone...I am done running BC dog in agility. We had trials the last 2 weekends...and this past Sunday, our last day of showing together, was our best 2 runs yet. We didn't Q, but we looked pretty darn we had been running together for a lot longer than three mos. He will be going home for good in 2 weeks, as Scott and I split up last month. Schedules and distance proved to be too much. Although I know long term this was probably the right thing, I am having a very hard time and miss not having him in my life. While having BC dog around is difficult, having him go will be difficult as well. We have agreed on a day, but have not worked out the logistics just yet.

4. The baby puppy was 4 weeks old on Saturday. All of them except 1, "Little Girl", the true runt of the litter, are completely weaned. They have been outside multiple times and ae starting to mouth and carry toys around. Light Blue boy was tugging with the breeder's hubby this past weekend, and then took the tug toy into the crate so he didn't have to share it with his siblings. She has a crate in the pen, and the puppies seem to go in there on their own, which is a good thing. New pictures and mugs are up.

Click on the AmberCody litter, puppy photos. And watch the video titled "Ella" - little girl maybe little, but she can sure throw her weight around. Ella is token black of the litter.

5. Chelly-Bean continues to do well...February was difficult on our rehab walks, so I hope March is a little better. She goes back to Medvet on 4/8 and I am hopeful that I can begin to re-introduce agility to her after that. My hope is to compete in a trial in July. She continues to be her mom's princess in every way...and mommy is mildly concerned about what she will think of her new brother. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to Rippy going home....

So that is what has been going on here. Hopefully, spring has sprung..winter was nasty, snowy and cold, and some nice weather is definitely in order. March is about to become MAD with basketball, and that is always fun. I think tomorrow my crew and I are going to go somewhere to watch tip off of the is supposed to be nice outside and we don't get out of the office enough to begin with.

Hope all is well with everyone!

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Ohio State got #2 seed--good luck! Hubby is very upset that his team, Tennessee, got #6 seed.

I'm sorry you've been so sick, and dealing with the rash again--although I'm glad it's not as bad as before.

You're so nice to have plans to fertilize and do yard work for your dad. I hope he has lots of "down time" activities while he recuperates. Does he like to watch basketball?