Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Riding through the old 'hood

Tonight, I had dinner with Natalie - for all of you dying to know, I did get my buffalitos I posted about on FB, garlic parmesan to be more specific. We went to BW on Bethel Rd, my old stomping ground as many of you know.

For old time sake, I decided to drive through the hood where Chelsie and I pounded miles and miles of pavement in her puppyhood. These were the sidewalks we walked to the school to play with Truth and walked to get to Belinda's condo. Belinda would come to our apartment in her walking clothes, and Chel would just go NUTS because she knew we were going for her walk.

I used to walk through the neighborhood admiring all the houses, dreaming of the day I had a house of my own. I admired flowers, trees and yard decorations, as well as porches, dormers and the facades of all the houses. I used to get so frustrated when people did not care for their houses, because I so badly wanted one of my own - which is part of the reason I am so OCD about caring for my house (to show it how much I appreciate living here - yeah, I know, I forgot to take the psycho drugs today, sorry). When the time came and I was able to purchase a house, that neighborhood was a little out of my reach...but driving through it tonight, I still remembered how much I love it. :) Maybe after little Ace comes home, we will take a walk in Chelsie's old 'hood and she can tell Ace all about how she walked these sidewalks (I almost said walked these streets but then thought better of it!) in her puppyhood....

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