Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recent Photos & A Big Upcoming Weekend...

Ok, are your recent photos of little Acie boy. :)

Big weekend upcoming! This weekend, we are showing at a three day trial in Zanesville. Ace's breeder is coming down from Grand Rapids to show his mom (Amber) and is also bringing his brother Blue and sister Libby! So...the phrase "more lab than living room" will take on a whole new meaning this weekend! I have seen Blue a couple of times since bringing Ace home, but have not seen little Libby since I picked Acie up. Libby is definitely the runt, tipping the scale at a mere 34 lbs. I promise to take pictures.

It is a big weekend for Ellen and Amber - they are 14 pts away from their MACH. I know they will do great...I hope the do it early in the weekend - Ellen's foot still isn't quite right and there is a good chance I will get handed Amber's leash after the MACH run.

Also, we wish the BEST of luck to our friends:

Sally & Aussie - one QQ from MACH 3
Jan and CJ - one QQ from PAX
Ellen & Cailin - less than 20 pts from MACH

We can't wait to celebrate with you and cheer you on in your victory laps.

More photos to come from this sure to check out the video below of Ace's Wednesday night adventure with Scoobi the kitty.

 Mom and Acie at the CATC trial in April. :)
 Um, hello - I am walking you, not the squirrel. He has some, um, distraction issues - birds, bunnies and squirrels in particular. In his quest to "see" them, he gives not one care to the fact that he might rip your arm off in the process....
 Bird, squirrel and bunny alert. He did however come back and sit when I called him...
 An oldie, but one of my favorites....Chelsie, pre MACH and pre torn ACL...
And still smiling...loving her mom, loving agility and loving her new 16 inch jump height. My loyal, obedient, trusting girl. You are the BEST Chelsie Belle, every run with you is so special and I am so proud of you for coming back like the great dog you are!!!

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Yay! Thank you for humoring me, Nicole! The photos were worth the wait. YOU and the doggies look wonderful! And I'm so intrigued by all the dog crates and paraphernalia behind you in the first photo. It looks like such fun!!