Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks around here. I figure by the time the house selling and buying process is over, a total of about 6 weeks will have passed. It isn't any wonder I have a headache.

Inspections on both homes are complete and all went well. I have received my request for remedy from my buyers; the work is minimal and somewhat irritating actually, but whatever....I have an estimate and will call in the morning to get the work scheduled. I on the other hand, lucked out...my roof is being replaced under an insurance claim, as are the plumbing boots and gutters. :) I am also getting a credit for a couple of windows rotted out and getting some venting fixed. The one remaining item we have yet to have remedied is related to the structure where a piece of wood has come loose. They have agreed to have a structural engineer come out and look at it. My gut tells me it is normal for a house of this age and that if there were indeed structural issues, they would have shown up in other places in the inspection. However, I am not willing to take a risk with such a big issue, so we are going to get that worked out. The seller has been very reasonable in all this, and the realtor understands my concern and is also reasonable as well.

I ordered my moving supplies today...boxes of all sizes, tape, tape dispenser, foam and these really cool labels that are very brightly colored and clearly tell the movers where things should go. I have a moving co compning out tomorrow for an estimate. My buyers want to close a week ahead of the original contract, so if I can find a moving solution that includes storage at no extra cost, I will rip the band aid off, pack up and go stay with my parents for 2 weeks. My seller would not move the close up, but I have no problem doing so as long as it doesn't cost me $$. The best deal is a closed deal. :)

On a lighter note, last week was my cousin's annual visit with her kids. Her kids are growing up..Amanda is now 15 and Jenn is 13. Amanda graduated from COPS kids camp last year, and is currently is Utah on an Outward Bound trip. (they have to dig a hole to "go" in the woods and bury it...apparently is it called "grooving" - can't wait to hear her stories about that!!) Jenn still has one more year after this but I don't see her "grooving" in the woods. It was a fun filled week...as usual, it went by too fast. I was so tired last night I went to bed at 7 and got up at 7 this morning - I was in a hotel room in PA for work. Hilton Garden Inn beds ROCK. :)

So that is the story from here. One last little tidbit of info...I entered Acie punk in his first trial. He will make his debut in Zanesville in September...assuming he lives long enough. One more greeting like he gave his sister tonight and he might get punted back to his gramma Ellen in Michigan. I keep telling him that chomping on his sister's neck is not an appropriate greeting and that his behavior pisses her and I off. Does he care? Not at all. :) He is a MAMA'S BOY...100%. He cares about me and me only..his behavior is nothing other than jealousy and wanting all my attention. He follows me around...where I am, he is (secretly, I love it). As much as I rag on him, he tries hard. :) He will be very excited to meet one of his new cousins this weekend (from the litter I posted about earlier). He will see his uncle Sniper this weekend (Morning Star's Hit that Target) and his newest cousin, Stinger (Longlesson's Heat Seeking Missile). I am hoping that they wear him out. :)

Hope everyone is well!

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I'm sure all the house buying/selling stuff was a ton of work, but it sounds fairly smooth overall.

I have much more understanding of Ace and Chelsie's competitive spirit toward each other, after having Francie here. It's hard to be a popular dog mom with two beasts vying for her attention. I so get that now!